Monday, January 12, 2009

The real question ...

... is why this kid was arrested at all.

[Ahryal] King and his mother, Alma King, fired guns into the crowd that gathered outside their home in the 1100 block of Prigge Avenue. Some of the teens were throwing rocks and newspapers at the house and taunting Ahryal King to come out of the house to fight. ... A surveillance camera the King family had installed because of problems with gang activity recorded the shooting.

Ten years, folks, on a plea bargain so obviously intimidation-induced that any judge who countenances it thereby publicly proclaims her unfitness for the bench.

This is one of those cases which calls for -- at a bare minimum -- some firings in the police department and prosecutor's office and removal of the judge. For extra credit, prosecute the bad actors for their violations of the Kings' rights under color of law and stick them in the can for a decade.

Not that any of that will happen, but please: Remember well the name Colleen Dolan the next time she comes up for election or retention and vote accordingly.

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