Monday, January 19, 2009

Final Betrayals Watch: Bush frees Ramos, Compean

As one of his final acts in office, President George W. Bush has commuted the sentences of two evil, violent government thugs (hat tip -- Independent Political Report) for beating a suspected drug trafficker when he tried to surrender, shooting at him (and missing) when he ran, shooting at him again (this time finally hitting him in the ass) when he stopped and tried to surrender again, then leaving him lying in the dirt and running off to file false reports to cover up their crimes.

These goons got the bare minimum sentence that the law allowed the judge to hand down after a jury, on the basis of evidence so irrefutable than even a usually reliably "protect cops at all costs" prosecutor couldn't find a believable way to avoid charging them, convicted them of their crimes.

Ever since, they've served as martyrs cum mascots for the anti-America, anti-freedom Know-Nothing lobby -- but the case against them was so airtight that even George "I'm above the law, I'll wiretap without warrants and memory hole anyone I don't like as an 'enemy combatant'" Bush cringed from further debauching justice by springing them ... at least until he was on the way out the door himself.

How many people who've harmed no one remain in America's prisons while these two government gangbangers get handed a get-out-of-jail-free card?

How many future victims of abusive, out-of-control "law enforcement personnel" will die instead of just taking a bullet in the butt ... and how many more future victims will there be now that Bush has effectively notified "law enforcement" that if you have a government badge and gun, it's open season on the serfs?

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