Monday, January 05, 2009

Mountains and molehills

I'm shocked -- shocked! -- that an educrat caught with his hands in the till got off with only 30 days of actual jail time.

He's Henry P. Williams, former superintendent of the Riverview Gardens, Missouri school district. Over a period of five years, he apparently misappropriated a little more than $100,000. A month in stir does seem rather a bit light for stealing that much money.

Then again, look where he stole it from: A school district with (as of FY 2006) a $64 million annual budget, every last dime of it stolen -- some of it from nearby property owners, some of it from income tax slaves all over the US, some of it from the very children it's supposedly "for" (via deficit spending and trying to stick those children with that debt). Call it $300 million in larceny over Williams's five-year tenure.

Steal $300 million for the purpose of abducting children and indoctrinating them with government propaganda, and you're regarded as a "public servant." You'll probably get a plaque or something, not to mention a significant "legit" cut of the loot. Rake off 1/3000th of the take for personal use and all of a sudden people notice you're a crook.

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