Saturday, September 06, 2008

KN@PPSTER: The Newsletter -- Volume I, Issue II

The second issue of KN@PPSTER: The Newsletter is now available ... to subscribers. If you're not one yet, you should be (download the first issue free to check it out).

In this edition:

- My latest analysis on the presidential election, including juicy third party tidbits and three predictions.

- "Human, All Too Human" -- Thoughts on a conceptual error that pro-life advocates exploit and pro-choice advocates fall into.

- A new Yahoo! Group for newsletter subscribers only. Enter KN@PPSTER's congressional election prediction contest and win a $10 Amazon.Com gift certificate!

- Random asides (new book note, an online Mexican pharmacy recommendation that just might save you more than the price of subscribing to the newsletter, etc.).

- Free download (for all, not just subscribers): Writing the Libertarian Op-Ed. I wrote this short booklet a few years back, and readers say it's helped them get their letters and columns published!

Subscribers: Download the issue here. Let me know by email if you haven't received the password to unlock the PDF file.

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