Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'd vote for a yellow dog ...

... before I'd vote for a "bailout" supporter.

Just sent via the contact form at

Dear Congressman Clay,

As a constituent, I have written to you on issues in the past, and want to first thank and congratulate you on your responsiveness.

This issue is different, because it's one on which there's no room for give and take, explanations, compromise, etc.

According to various press accounts, the House will vote tomorrow on a $700 billion "bailout" package for Wall Street's banking sector.

If you vote "yes" on this bailout, or abstain, or miss the vote, or acquiesce in any "voice vote" gimmick or other trick to avoid disclosing your position on this taxpayer ripoff -- in other words, if you do anything but cast a "no" vote on the "bailout" -- I will dedicate the remainder of my political life to ensuring that you never hold public office again. I will also work hard to recruit others to the same task.

Please do the right thing.

Best regards,
Thomas L. Knapp

Senate-modified versions sent to Kit Bond and Claire McCaskill as well.

Please -- goest thou and do likewise. Then follow up tomorrow morning with phone calls.

[Update: Mr. X has posted a nice tutorial on contacting your congresscritters about this. I disagree with him on the efficacy of contact forms -- I suggest using the form AND calling. If you can only do one, call -- NOW! - TLK]

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