Tuesday, September 02, 2008

BTW, Fred ...

... I just noticed that KN@PPSTER now consists of more than 1,000 posts (I believe this will be #1009).

The first post was not quite four years ago (September 24th, 2004).

So, on average, about 250 posts per year, or one every day-and-a-half.

IOW, enough with the "go away, everyone, this blog must be dead" comments every time I go a week or three without posting. I bet that an archive of every blog that had three posts on its first day and five more separated by three months of silence each, the last one being more than a year ago, would fill up every personal desktop hard drive west of Denver and east of San Jose.

As a side note, I switched KN@PPSTER to a new sitemeter account awhile back (I lost the login info for the old one, and it was registered under a long-abandoned email address). I augmented the new account by the number of recorded visits on the old account as of a few seconds before the tranfer: 559,104. So, in the course of four years, I've had as many visits as the big guys get in oh, two hours. Yay, me.

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