Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wednesday Roundup

Yes, Virginia, the Democrats are going to fight

It doesn't seem to have sunk into Republican brains yet, but they're about to get hit -- hard. Credible Democratic challengers are popping up all over in states and districts which were formerly considered "safe."

Swing State Project has the latest: James Webb has announced that he'll be running as a Democrat against incumbent US Senator George Allen. This race will be a tough nut to crack. I don't know if it's doable. But I do know one thing: Allen just went from dark horse for the GOP's 2008 presidential nomination to embattled incumbent who's going to have to bust ass to keep his seat. For those of you who aren't familiar with Webb, he's an Annapolis graduate, a Marine veteran of combat in Vietnam, a popular novelist ... and he served as Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Navy. He is, in other words, the ideal candidate to reach out to Republican voters who are bewildered by their party's departure from reality, but not so disgruntled that they'd support a Ted Kennedy or a Barbara Boxer.

I keep hearing people ask how the Democrats are going to deflect Republican accusations that they're "weak on national security." Well, Webb is part of the answer to that question. Here are 56 (as of today) more answers.

Pow, right in the X chromosomes

Wonkette obviously hasn't been following the polls. Yes, it's early ... but if you click on over to The Next Prez, you'll find that elusive libertarian female you've been looking for. With 75 votes cast in the February straw poll, the front-runner for the Libertarian Party's 2008 presidential nomination -- excluding Republican congresscritter Ron Paul, who's about likely to run as I am to give birth to septuplets -- is Dr. Mary Ruwart.

Ruwart is already one up come convention time, as the New Hampshire LP has already committed a delegate to her. Supporters have a "draft" petition up (she hasn't said no), and attendees at the party's recent state chair conference allegedly received fliers from pro-Ruwart activists.

I'm not sure where the hell this "no libertarian women" meme comes from. I see more women at libertarian events than at comparable events held by other parties. Better-looking women, too. Matter of fact, a few years ago, I said to myself "gotta get me one of those." So I did.

Don't cry for me, Costa Rica

Interesting stuff on the fate of Movimento Libertario at Sunni and the Conspirators and Liberty For Sale. I'd kind've hoped the results would shake the Tim out of his "it's the purists who are holding us back" trance, but from the initial tone that seems unlikely.

[Late addendum: I meant to read, and link to, Jacqueline Passey's post on the elections as well ... but my blogging fingers got ahead of my brain. At first blush, the only comment I really have is "yeah -- what she said" - TLK]

Second time around

Don't forget about Steve Kubby. Scott Bieser hasn't, although I missed his kickass post when it went up more than a week ago. (Note to self: Update Time Sink link in blogrolls.) Kubby makes an appearance in the print edition of A Drug War Carol, one of the finest graphic novels I've ever had the pleasure to pick up and an absolute must-read for your friends who just don't get it. Scott illustrated it, Susan Wells wrote it ... and by the way, does anyone happen to know where Susan has gone off to?

Money, guns and lawyers

A prestigious law firm is wading in on the Corey Maye case, pro bono. Kudos to Radley Balko for carrying this ball way down the field. This kind of blogosphere activism outclasses Rathergates and orange Kerrys by a damn sight.

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