Friday, February 10, 2006

Anyone got a match?

For my $5 donation to AntiWar.Com? See the site's front page for the "dire situation" alert.

Special offer, for what it's worth: If you contribute $5 or more to AntiWar.Com before this post rolls off the front page (that may take one day, or it may take a week -- no promises), you'll get a permalink to the site of your choice right here in the post (and if you're not already on my blogroll, I'll try to get around to rectifying that too). That's one, eventually two, permalinks from a blog with a Google Page Rank of 6 and a top-3000 Technorati ranking. Just email me with the receipt and the subject line "gave to AntiWar.Com," or paste it into a comment, with any details you don't want to share x'ed out.

[Update, Monday, February 13th: AntiWar.Com made their goal. Thanks to all who helped -- and if you gave, or give, before this post rolls off Kn@ppster's front page, the link offer is still open! - TLK]

The "Matching Funds" Honor Roll

Pong God
Hammer of Truth
Spurious Libertarian
The Orange Gadsden
mushin no shin

Estimated running total (based on forwarded receipts, etc.): $135.00

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