Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday Roundup

The House smokes a Blunt

As you've no doubt read by now, Roy Blunt went down on the second ballot in his bid to succeed Tom "Deal You Can't Refuse" DeLay as House Majority Leader. Good deal. Unfortunately for the more libertarian-minded GOPers (an increasingly rare bird), he was replaced not by Arizona's John Shadegg, but by John Boehner of Ohio. Politics1's Ron Gunzberger notes the effect this is likely to have on plum committee assignments (note to Ron -- your permalinks return a "404" error). Not exactly a nuclear bomb, but at least it'll have the lobbyists scrambling to figure out where to deliver their brown paper bags full of unmarked bills. Then again, maybe not.

Got the t-shirt?

Yeah. I can't help it. I hate her. Maybe not as much as King Bastard does, but enough to want the shirt:

Malkin tee

Wouldn't you like to be a bastard too?

On the other hand ...

She does have the nefarious 'toons on her site (and you'll have to go there -- not gonna rob her bandwidth and I don't know if there's a copyright issue involved).

This is what all the fuss is about? What I want to know is just how it is that people who have to pray five times a day -- and wash their rectums first to boot -- come up with the spare hours to read newspapers from Denmark and get all pissed off in the first place. Do even Danes read Danish newspapers? Danish porn, okay. The ingredient label on my pre-packed danish? Why not? But their newspapers? I mean, c'mon ... they're in Danish, people.

There are, of course, some positive side effects. Someone's finally found a method for making Europeans go away. Might want to patent that.

From the top, again

The whole "prosecute the Times for outing Bush's spy gig" meme hasn't really soared, but some people never give up.

Note to pitchfork-bearing mob: The Times story revealed neither sources nor methods. The only secret it revealed about Bush's folly was that it is illegal ... a fact which, by definition and per Bush's own ukase, can't conceivably be construed as classified information.

Just a reminder

... I've been meaning to put one of those up, and noticed it over at Kirsten's crib.

The 1% non-solution

Steve Gordon looks at the very real disparity between Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians when it comes to media coverage. On the other hand, Tim West points out that we're just not all that media savvy yet. Working on it, guys, working on it.

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