Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

It's liberty or long pig

We will be free or we will be food. I opt for the former. Apparently Mara Liasson doesn't see the difference.

Have I mentioned how much I hate being in agreement with Malkin? It's sort of like doing something that needs doing but that you need to take a shower after, too. But, she continues to be right on the cartoon savagery.

Not the cartoon "row" (she already caught that one, btw). Not the cartoon "kerfuffle" (geez, I hate that word). Not the cartoon "foofooraw." It's just plain old mindless barbarism, and there's no getting around it. For anyone on any side of the political polygon to deny this is so far beyond stupid that I don't have a word to describe it.

"Respect for Islam?" Maybe we can talk about that after the savages stop burning down buildings, murdering priests and kidnapping people, and after the perps are punished and their "moderate" brethren apologize for not reining in the nutjobs sooner. Maybe. Until then, no dice.

Karl's snarl

Yes, I've pooh-pooed the possibility of impeachment ... but apparently the White House is taking it more seriously than I have been. Joe Gandleman mulls the latest: Apparently Karl Rove is pulling all stops to shy Republican Senators away from asking any tough questions about the Bush/NSA spy plot.

My retrospective impression of Watergate (at the time it actually went down, my commentary was limited to decrying pre-emption of "Captain Kangaroo" for special bulletins) is that the Nixon White House at least threw off something of an ... august ... aura: Pemberton at Vicksburg or, if you want something more luciferian, Hitler in the bunker, awaiting the Russian onslaught. Bush, on the other hand, reminds me of a crackhead trying to shoot his way out of the liquor store he just robbed.

In other spy plot news, Jason Hallmark disposes of the idea that it's all Jimmy Carter's fault.

Readin', ritin' and race

The jury is still out (from where I sit) on cognitive differences between races. Yeah, I've read The Bell Curve, but as John will tell you, data can be manipulated to "prove" anything (and often is, through carelessness, dishonesty or a combination of the two). I found Herrnstein and Murray's work interesting, but not conclusive.

Cognitive differences or not, La Shawn Barber has one thing right: Government schools are failing the kids. "School choice" that brings the private sector under the failed public sector's thumb (i.e. vouchers and such) is a non-starter, too, if we're talking about actually educating the rugrats. It's gotta be separation of school and state. Which, of course, gives me a short hook on which to hang this post from Tim the movementarian about accreditation, just because I want to.

The Kubby corner

Yes, I'm still watching the story and pulling for Steve. Hope you are too. Good non-blog pieces from Brian M. Doherty and Fred E. Foldvary to check out. So do.

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