Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

How to win links and influence the blogosphere

A blog "establishment?" Eh, yup. Read all about it in New York Metro (hat tip -- Eric Berlin).

No great revelations, of course -- but an interesting look at how natural networking (albeit at the speed of fiber) builds niches, cliques and a pecking order in the same way it always has.

Okay, now that the blogosphere is having its Dale Carnegie moment, where's Napoleon Hill and when can I expect my review copy of Blog and Grow Rich?

Democrats can't Hackett

Why is the Democratic Party's "old guard" determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by pushing new, exciting, credible blood out of key races? And, more intriguingly, why is none other than Kos shilling for this kind of Tammany Hall horseshit?

Yeah, there's a blogosphere "A-List" (see above), but what the "C-List" is saying may be more important:

Notio - "This is what's wrong with the Democrats"
Distracted Mind (Ohio blogger) - "If anything, this has just cemented my decision to move back to Independent status in the voter's booth."
Now That's Progress (Ohio blogger) - "[T]he news that Paul Hackett dropped out of the Senate race because of intense pressure from the Democratic Party is, at the very least, annoying."

Got the t-shirt? Redux

Those Bastards! have done it again. And while I'm at it, I might as well gravy train on their Open Trackback Hangamajigger.

Cheney Tee

Well, I thought it was funny ...

... or at least I would have if I'd seen it. Or at least funny if you forget that the subject at hand is a vice president who can't be bothered to be sure of what he's shooting at sitting right there, a heartbeat away from control of the Big Red Shotgun What Unleashes Armageddon. Or something. Anyway, Malkin's got her panties in a wad again (what's new there, and why isn't ever somewhere really useful, like on my bedroom floor?), this time over Dana Milbank, who, coincidentally, I mentioned in my first Blogcritics review just yesterday as author of Smashmouth, my favorite account of the 2000 presidential campaign.

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