Thursday, December 08, 2005

QEClip: Contra Milloy

Speaking of "corporate social responsibility," here's my weekly editorial for Question Earthority! (also available at FMNN if you prefer their formatting).

For me, this is very much a process question versus a content question. I could name 50 causes I don't support, but what I do support is the notion that those who favor those causes can work for them via non-coercive means. When people set up "socially responsible" mutual funds or use agit-prop to influence corporate directors, I may or may not support their objectives, but I'm glad they're pursuing them in that way instead of through the legislature.

To the extent that activists are moved to participate in market processes for particular purposes, the chance that they'll end up adopting those processes as the right way to do things in general is greatly enhanced -- means do influence ends. I doubt that Saul Alinsky anticipated such an outcome when he wrote "The genesis of tactic proxy," a chapter of his absolutely essential activism guide, Rules for Radicals, but that's the way I see it, anyway.

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