Friday, December 02, 2005

Casus Belli Aches

Interesting stuff over at Sunni and the Conspirators -- stuff which has, in some ways, spilled over here already (hell, I guess it actually started here, really) but is definitely worth reading on its own as well.

First post -- Jorge passes on my Veterans' Day suggestion of donating to AntiWar.Com; debate on morality, necessity and other concepts ensues. Featuring Jorge, Sunni, Billy Beck, John T. Kennedy, Mike Schneider and myself.

Second post -- Jorge follows up with his own full piece on "the immorality of war." More debate. Featuring Jorge, Kevin S. Van Horn, Sean, Wolf DeVoon and, once again, myself.

There are some things in both pieces (and in the comments on both pieces) I'd like to argue and/or develop more fully. Weigh in.

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