Wednesday, December 07, 2005

BlogProps: Bonanza Jellybean

Yeah, what she said!. Especially about Wal-Mart.

Listen, people, it's not about the "corporate social responsibility" thing -- although Wal-Mart isn't above real "socially irresponsible" conduct like calibrating its wages and hours so as to shift potential employee health care costs onto the taxpayer and such.

It isn't about economic protectionism or knee-jerk "buy-Americanism," even though Wal-Mart's transition to mostly slave-made Chinese stuff doesn't seem to have lowered prices nearly as much as it's lowered quality.

It's not really about politics at all. It's about the fact that going to Wal-Mart is just one big bodacious pain in the ass in about every way imaginable. I don't even find Bonanza's rant to be especially extreme or out of the range of the normal in terms of the situation it describes, based on my own experiences and the descriptions of others' experiences.

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