Monday, October 10, 2005

Listen up ...

Tim Condon rears back and passes a fantastic manifesto for the Free State Project at Sierra Times. Pull quote:

"LISTEN, libertarian: Virtually every political and philosophical position you hold is well thought out, logical, and beneficial. Yet most of those political and philosophical positions are utterly rejected by the mass of Americans. They don't agree with you! Your ideas scare them! And your numbers are so pitifully small that after 30 years not one LP candidate for any statewide or federal office has ever been elected. Why do you sit there so smug in the clarity and justice of your positions that will never be implemented? Nor ever be seriously considered or debated? You cannot win because in any democratic political calculus you are swamped by those who disagree with you and fear the ideas you espouse. The only way for you to have any kind of hope for success is to take it upon yourselves to concentrate your numbers."

Good stuff.

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