Tuesday, October 18, 2005

... and boy, are my arms tired

Well, the hog is out of the tunnel. The auspicious moment has arrived. Elvis has left the bui ...

Okay, I've been a little scarce here lately, and I told you there were reasons. Here are three of them, officially launched this morning (with me as project coordinator on all three and editor of one):

The Choice Channel

The Medical Freedom Channel

Question Earthority!

... so now you know where I've been. And here you thought I was either out to get milk and cigarettes, or else seeing another woman. For shame, people.

Other interesting stuff

Wally Conger is reissuing the original Movement of the Libertarian Left pamphlets in PDF format, beginning with SEK3's "War or Liberty." Get yours today.

Brad Spangler explains why working within the system is such a drag.

J. Neil Schulman continues to present the most cogent arguments in favor of war. They still fail, but they're worth reading.

Christopher Hitchens sorts out Iraq's ethnic/tribal and religious groupings for the benefit of us ignoramuses. If anyone could make a sound argument in favor of the war on Iraq, it would be Hitchens. Since he can't do it, it's reasonable to conclude that it's impossible.

For my next trick, I'll try to return soon with something original of my own.

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