Saturday, October 22, 2005

Introducing the Libertarian Ad Network

After a slow start some months ago (I'm not even going to link to the blog article -- it's ancient history), I've had an incredibly good experience with BlogAds. I've tried a few other advertising brokers in the past (AdBrite, Google AdSense) and have found them wanting in various respects. BlogAds is easy to set up, easy to use, charges a reasonable commission and pays on time and in full.

Recently, BlogAds has introduced two new measures to address two important concerns: Recruiting new affiliates and creating niche "mini-networks" that make it easier for advertisers to target their money at the audience they want to reach. I'm proud to be involved in implementing both of these measures, and after a slight delay to think my approach through and get some other projects under control, it's time to get started:

- BlogAds used to take a long time to approve new affiliates (that was my complaint, as a matter of fact). Now, they're trusting certain existing affiliates to act as "sponsors." If you want to run BlogAds on your site, you get into the system via a sponsor ... and I'm one of'em. Sponsors receive a limited number of "invitations" which allow them to bring new blogs on board, so I won't be handing mine out like candy. If you're interested in receiving an invitation, contact me by email with "BlogAds" in the subject line. I'll be giving priority to libertarian blogs (see below for one reason why), and to blogs with reasonably high trafffic (3,000+ page views per week). That doesn't mean that a non-libertarian blog or a low-traffic blog can't get an invitation, but they don't grow on trees. They're a scarce commodity, and I intend to dispose of them wisely (i.e. in a way that makes money for BlogAds and for myself -- yes, I get a commission).

- BlogAds wants advertisers to be able to reach their preferred "niche" audiences, and has created a system under which sponsors may create "mini-networks" of similar sites. I've created the Libertarian Ad Network (see poor ad graphic in sidebar, and let me know if you want to contribute a better one -- 120x120 pixels). The audience niche is pretty obvious, I'd say. As of now, advertisers can reach an audience of more than 600,000 libertarian readers per week with one click through the network instead of having to manually seek out appropriate blogs (they can also easily remove particular blogs from their "network" ad, reducing the audience size and the price).

I expect the network to grow fairly quickly. If you're already a BlogAds affiliate with a libertarian blog, but your site doesn't appear on the network, contact me by email with "Libertarian Ad Network" in the subject line and I'll add you if you fit the bill (at the moment, I am not including sites which call themselves "conservative" rather than "libertarian" -- if you want to belong to the Libertarian Ad Network, use "the L-word" somewhere in your description, even if you use "conservative" too). If you're not a BlogAds affiliate yet, see above to become one.

Naturally, if you want to advertise on the Libertarian Ad Network, we're happy to accomodate you. Just click here.

And, finally, a note to Kn@ppster's readers: Do I blog for my health? Well, yeah. But I also like to make a little money doing it. When someone spends money on an ad here, they do so in the hope that some of you will click through, whether it's to buy a product or read something they think you should see. Please don't ignore those ads. If you're not interested, don't click through ... but take time to have a look and if you are interested, please patronize my sponsors.

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