Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What was that about liberal media bias?

CIA can't rule out WMD move to Syria, says the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's daily rag, the Washington Times.

I'm certain that the CIA can't "rule out" a WMD move from Iraq to Syria, any more than they can "rule out" the possibility that UFOs from the planet Omicron Persei 8, attracted by all the hubbub, swooped down and helped themselves to Saddam's nuclear, biological and chemical arsenal.

But that fact that something can't be "ruled out" doesn't constitute a basis for assuming that there's any reason whatsoever to believe it.

The substance of every report from every US, UN and other investigative group sent to Iraq to look for "WMD" has been:

There aren't any, there weren't any and if you people in Washington hadn't had your crania inserted in your recta, you'd have known that.

The existence of any substantial stockpiles of nuclear, biological chemical weapons has been, for all practical purposes and in the minds of all (reasonable) people, "ruled out." That which does not exist cannot, by definition, be transported to Syria or anywhere else. QED, in "not ruling out" the transport of the non-existent WMD to Syria, the CIA is effectively reporting that it prefers to cover the posteriors of the unreasonable people -- the idiots (or liars) who thought (or pretended to think) that such weapons existed and used that fear (or pretense of fear) to justify war.

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