Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Reciprocal linkage goodness

1. In the beginning was my little Strike the Root ditty You can write it down ...".

2. And the proprietor of Simmering Frogs did move upon the face of the ever warmer water, and he looked upon it and saw that it was, well, not too bad; and he did linketh unto it.

3. Now there was in that same country a herdsman, or maybe a non-herdsman, and he did lift his staff unto his sheep (or maybe non-sheep) and proclaimeth "Yea, the man is right and thou shouldst go down unto his site."

4. And so it came to pass that in Libertopia there was wailing and gnashing of teeth, for Leviathan had cast upon them a plague of federalism, and they were fearful and loath to look upon what I had wrought.


P.S. Thanks for the links, y'all. Robert, I'll try to make time to respond at length to your points either here or in the comment section of your blog Real Soon Now.

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