Friday, April 22, 2005

Wham, Bam, Thank You ... Scam?

Warning -- This is an affiliate link. If you click it and sign up I will, in theory, receive $5.00 when GreenZap launches in June (and you, in theory, will receive $25 at that time as well).

Is it legit?

Well, the $25 spiff for opening an account isn't as dodgy as it sounds. When PayPal started up lo on seven years ago, I seem to recall that they gave new customers $5 or $10, and I think they even still do something like that after a new customer has passed some minimum amount through their system. For that matter, I know that they still do things like give away $10 eBay vouchers and such, because I've received them. $25 seems a little high, but not so much that I'd immediately write it off. In order to compete with PayPal, StormPay et al, any new payment processor is going to have to really hit it hard.

On the other hand, it may, indeed, be a scam.

This guy thinks it is.

Here's an interesting discussion thread that doesn't make the thing look too good.

But they aren't asking for bank routing numbers, credit card numbers, etc. ... yet. So what the hell? I've signed up. And I'll take the $5 for your signup too, if you're interested and if it ever actually shows. But caveat emptor -- if they start trying to pry money or confidential information out of you before they're proven to be accepted by reputable online businesses, etc., don't bite.

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