Monday, April 04, 2005

FMNNClip: Organ agonistes


Let's put some perspective on the "ethics" of money in transplant situations:

The surgeon who performs the transplant is paid.

The nurses, anesthesiologists, medical technicians and aides who assist the surgeon are paid.

The company which transports the organ from its point of origin to its point of use is paid.

The lady behind the counter at the hospital coffee shop who serves up a cuppa joe to the patients' families while they await word is paid.

Only one party to this whole process is expected to forego payment for "ethical" reasons -- the donor (or, if the donor is dead, the donor's estate).

The result? Only 30% of Americans register to donate their organs. Hundreds of Americans die every month awaiting a transplant organ which never arrives. Thousands of transplantable organs are buried or baked every month.

Click here for the whole thing.

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