Wednesday, May 19, 2021

OK, Got the Crypto Switchover I was Talking About Sorted Out ...

... over in the sidebar, for those who might like to show me some love on the dip.

My current crypto balance is still "worth" (in USD if liquidated) about twice what it was in December, so I'm not really sweating the dip yet.

But I do hope things are in better shape by the end of June when I travel.

My plan was to spend a little in New Hampshire on e.g. festival food and such, and start liquidating most of what I have when BTC hit $65k-$70k, so that I could set aside cash for a possible house-moving early next year (either first month / last month / deposit on a rental, or part of the down payment on a purchase).*

But of course it didn't get there before this dip.

* Why a potential move? Well, the landlord is up to something. The most recent lease included some odd changes, such as reducing the "we're done" notice time when it expires and goes "month to month" next January from 30 days to 15. And now timber crews are tearing out all the pines in the 90% or so of the neighborhood the landlord owns. So I strongly suspect he's preparing to sell his one-acre trailer lots for higher-end resident and/or commercial development. We've been here for eight years, which is about seven longer than I had expected. Time to start looking further out in the country.

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