Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Every Time I Learn a Little More, I Get a Little More Pissed

Ian Freeman, of The Crypto Six, has been freed on bail. Onerous conditions that piss me off -- that's discussed on Free Talk Live, linked just before this sentence -- but I'm glad he's out of stir.

I also listened to another podcast today, Punk Rock Libertarians Podcast episode 351, and that's when I got even more pissed.

Apparently among the things Ian's kidnappers took from his home was a "physical" 100-Bitcoin note of some kind that they were able to access and steal the contents of.

He apparently got it a long time ago when it was worth very little. But if liquidated at current prices, it's worth nearly $4 million.

It's not theirs. It's his. He hasn't been convicted of any crime (or, for that matter, even charged with anything that would be a crime in a free society), sentenced to pay any fine, etc.

They just stole it. Because they thought they could get away with it.

Hopefully, he has a lot more where that came from, in places they can't get to.

This whole thing really, truly needs to be rammed right up, and broken off in, the asses of acting US Attorney John J. Farley, Assistant US Attorney Georgiana L. MacDonald, and Assistant US Attorney Seth R. Aframe.

Whether that happens is pretty much up to us, since the evil-doers have likely stolen much of their victims' wealth, and made accessing any they missed difficult and/or dangerous.


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