Sunday, May 30, 2021

A Convention I Was Planning to Attend But Won't be at After All

The Libertarian Party of Florida's 2021 convention runs from June 11-13 in Lakeland.

I was planning to attend -- registered as a delegate, then started checking into lodging, considering what package to buy, etc. ...

Then the US dollar value of cryptocurrency crashed by, at times, up to 50% of its market highs, and it's still way down.

Cryptocurrency pretty much constitutes my "mad money" for optional activities at the moment. My plan, as is usual when crypto is my spending money but not necessarily directly spendable on X, had been to convert a little crypto to Instacart and/or Walmart gift cards (via BitRefill -- yes, that's an affiliate link) for family grocery shopping, and use the cash thus saved for convention expenses.

I could probably have made it work, but I'm in HODL mode. I've got another optional activity (PorcFest/ForkFest) coming up, and so I'd rather hold on to the crypto (and hope it comes back up in value before late June).

Other than socializing with old friends and making new ones, my main interest in the convention was helping prevent a Mises Caucus "takeover" so that Florida continues to have a libertarian political party without me having to start a new one. But I mostly figure that's either going to happen or not regardless of my single delegate vote.

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