Sunday, March 21, 2021

We Are Living in Amazing Times

I doubt I'll be buying this for several reasons (including likely needing to run it through Windoze), but look at what it includes -- all kinds of guitar effects and amp simulators, etc., for basically the price of a couple of inexpensive pedals or a decent used amp.

I recently bought a cheap Laney practice amp ($50, IIRC, on sale) that includes a plug-in for my cell phone to feed it data from a free app called Tonebridge. Choose a song from a very large catalog of hits, and it intercepts your guitar's signal at the amp and applies effects so that the sound coming out of the amp is like unto the sound of guitar from that song.

None of this magically improves playing skill, but to the extent that a player has any skill, it makes it insanely cheap to apply that skill to get the sound the player wants to get. Thousands of dollars cheaper, in many cases.

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