Thursday, March 25, 2021

First Time I Can Recall Agreeing with Tom Homan About Anything

He says Kamala Harris is the "worst pick" to lead the Biden regime's response to the fake "border crisis" (as Andy Craig points out on Facebook, "Everything that’s wrong at the border is a product of the government trying to stop people from crossing it").

I agree.

I don't agree with his reasons. He thinks she's a bad pick because "she supports sanctuary cities," she's spoken disdainfully of the ICE and Border Patrol street gangs, and she's a Reagan Republican, aka "an open borders advocate" on immigration in general. The first two complaints are among the few decent things about her. As for the third, if it's true, she's been lying about her position since at least as far back the early days of her failed presidential campaign.

I think she's a bad pick because her political modus operandi has always been to throw as many people as possible in cages as a way of advancing her own career.

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