Sunday, March 14, 2021

So Close, Yet So Far Away ...

The tendonitis-afflicted right hand getting back to 100%, that is.

Over the last couple of weeks, it will feel much better, then get worse.

As of yesterday morning, it felt like, say, 90%. Almost no soreness, and not as much "popping" of the tendon as usual. I had taken most of Friday away from the computer, etc. and just let it rest.

As of last night, almost 100% -- I spent most of the day working on Tamara's car with my neighbor, in ways that didn't put my right hand to its normal mousing/typing usage.

Then, by maybe 30 minutes into this morning's "day job" work on the computer, it was back to maybe 70%.

Thing is, I can't realistically take more than 24-48 hours even mostly "off" and still get the things done that I'm needing to get done.

I'm probably going to talk to a doc about a steroid injection. Hopefully if that kind of intervention will relieve the symptoms for some time, the permanent ergonomic changes, etc. I've made will prevent it from coming back.

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