Monday, March 29, 2021

Land Speed-Reading Record?

Three times a week (most weeks, anyway), I write a Garrison Center op-ed and submit it to newspapers -- at least 1,400 of them (if it's likely to be of interest only to US readers), sometimes as many as 2,500 (if it's likely to be of interest in e.g. South Korea, Jamaica, Azerbaijan, et al.).

Today, I wrote a column and didn't submit it to all those publications, or post it on the site. Since it ran beyond my usual 500-word maximum for mass submissions, I figured I'd hit up one of the places that only accepts "exclusives."

Or, if necessary, more than one.

It's at Venue Number Three now.

Venue Number One replied reasonably quickly: Sorry, we're overwhelmed with submissions right now, why don't you shop it somewhere else? Fair enough.

Venue Number Two responded at near light speed. Three minutes after I hit "send" on the email, they replied that they had "carefully reviewed" the submission and were "not able" to publish it.

The piece is 700 words long. Average adult reading speed is 200-300 words per minute. So it's not completely impossible that an editor read the piece. But I doubt that editor carefully reviewed the piece. As for not being "able" to publish it, well, they can publish anything they damn well please. Why not just say "we don't want it," with or without a reason?

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