Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Ah, a Technical Question!

Nice to write something that's not about my damn wrist/thumb, even if it was inspired by my last post on my damn wrist/thumb.

Someone noticed that both the mouse I just ordered and the keyboard I'm considering are wired USB devices, and asks why I don't get wireless devices.

Thanks For Asking!, even if it's not a Thanks For Asking! thread!

For several years, I used a wireless mouse/keyboard combo. Two things made me give it up:

  1. I started experiencing temporary inoperability with a wireless mouse. This occurred on my Chromebox and Chromebook, but when I went looking for answers as to why, it seems to be a common problem that may have to do with the sheer number of electronic devices operating in my house (at any given time, 2-4 computers, other wireless mice/keyboards, router, Echo Dots, phones, monitors, etc.). Returning to basic wired mouse and keyboard solved the problem.
  2. I don't travel that much, but at least once when traveling I've grabbed my wireless keyboard/mouse and forgotten to grab the little USB dongle. This left me with the built in keyboard/trackpad on my laptop for the duration of my trip (four days, IIRC), which drove me right round the bend. I prefer using an external mouse and a full-size keyboard whenever possible. If I have wired mice and keyboards, there's nothing to forget unless I forget the actual mice and keyboards. Which could happen.
So now you know.

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