Wednesday, February 17, 2021

An Ideological Touchstone

I support complete separation of school and state. I understand that not everyone -- not even everyone who uses the word "libertarian" as a self-descriptor -- does. And that's OK, there's an argument to be had.

I think, however, that there's a dividing line between those who are serious in critiquing the problems with "public" -- i.e. government -- education and those who aren't. The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn that line pretty brightly in my opinion.

I'm seeing self-described "libertarians," as well as self-described "small-government conservatives," whining at high volume about how terribly important it is for government daycare centers / day prisons to reopen !!!!NOW-NOW-NOW-NOW-NOW!!!.

Many of these are the same self-described "libertarians" and "small-government conservatives" who a year ago were endorsing homeschooling (as do I), calling for getting rid of the US Department of Education (as do I), supporting "local control" of government schooling (better than federal/state control, I guess), and slamming the National Education Association for an agenda of indoctrinating the children in statist ideology (true).

I find that last point particularly telling. Now that the NEA is against herding the precious little chilllllllldren into the indoctrination centers and performing brain surgery on them, at least for the moment, these same people are against ... yep, still against the NEA, and suddenly for immediate return to maximum indoctrination schedules.

From their current positions, I can only conclude that either their previous positions, or their current positions, or both, are just a combination virtue signaling / moral preening and feel-good guff.

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