Wednesday, August 07, 2019

The First Five (of Six Total) "Headlines" on my Google News Page ...

... are specifically about, or related to, last weekend's mass shootings. The sixth is about House Democrats trying to get SCOTUS justice Brett Kavanaugh's records.

Pakistan and India on the edge of war over Kashmir? Suicide attack in Kabul? North Korean missile launches? Turkish moves in Syria? Unrest in Hong Kong? Bombing in Copenhagen?

According to Google News, all of that is small potatoes compared to two incidents in two cities (El Paso and Dayton) in which fewer people were shot over the same time frame than were shot in another (Chicago), and the political hysteria over them.

Yes, I know, if it bleeds it leads. But the bleeding stopped days ago and now it's just theater. Which doesn't really strike me as above-the-fold news.

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