Monday, August 05, 2019

Ah, I'm Not the Only One Who Noticed!

The day after Burger King introduced their new taco-like product, I read a review claiming that the reality, unlike the purty pictures of, well, tacos in the ads, was that the BK taco-like product is just meat shoved into tortilla and deep-fried with maybe a spray of wilted lettuce thrown on.

This is what Burger King says their taco-like product looks like. This is not what Burger King's taco-like product looks like.

At which point my mouth began to water. That sounded suspiciously like the two-for-a-dollar taco-like product I used to buy at Jack In The Box back when I lived in a city with JITB (last time I noticed, the state of Florida has yet to join the modern world in that respect).

I had to have them!And I did have them. Not quite as stomach-turningly addictive as the JITB taco-like product, but close enough for the hinterlands, I guess, at least until I next travel through an area with the real thing.

Kevin Pang at The Takeout concurs.

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