Thursday, August 29, 2019

Battening Down ...

As of the last time I checked (a couple of hours ago), we're at the center of Dorian's storm cone. That is, the percentages say that it's going to hit about 80 miles east of us and then head right for us. Earlier, it was going to do that as a Category 3 hurricane on Sunday evening or Monday morning. Now it's going to do that as a Category 4 hurricane on Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

All of which means nobody really knows what it's actually going to do, but things could get interesting. More importantly as the blog goes, things could get powerless and Internet-less for several days. We'll be seeking a hidey-hole (a mobile home on a wooded acre is not ideal storm shelter), and I'll probably have another post or three before that happens, but if I'm incommunicado for a few days next week you'll know why.

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