Friday, February 01, 2019

You Know I'm Not a Fan of Roger Stone, Right?

He brought his "Nixon dirty trickster" toolkit to the Libertarian Party, ruining one of its best chances in years at continuing ballot access in New York, etc. He is simply not one who should ever, under any circumstances, be trusted.

But this "gag order" stuff is, pardon my Esperanto, bullshit.

Your free speech rights don't magically disappear just because a political hack in a black dress fears that your narrative, which presumably differs from the prosecution's, might reach as many people as the prosecution's does.

The pre-trial proceeding should not be a "public relations campaign,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson said, adding that she's worried that Stone treating the pre-trial process "like a book tour" could taint a potential jury at a future trial.

She gave Stone and the government until Feb. 8 to submit arguments about whether she should impose a gag order.

I hope that Stone puts his contrarian qualities to good, rather than evil, use with this, and has his attorneys submit the following "argument":

Mr. Stone will ignore any "gag order," except in circumstances where he chooses to publicly mock it. He has also pre-recorded and pre-positioned content violating/mocking it with assorted allies so that if he's jailed to shut him up the violation/mockery will continue to flow unimpeded. Do you really want to play this game against this guy?

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