Thursday, February 21, 2019

I Get Mail

Usually it's little "e-packets" from China containing guitar picks, hats, etc., that I bought on Wish or eBay, or those annoying after-party notices trying to make you think they're your domain registrar. Stuff like that.

But occasionally it's something different ...

I'm beginning to wonder if they really, really, really like or hate my family. Tamara got summoned (and picked, and did a short trial) a few months ago. Astel got summoned (and dismissed without being selected for a jury) last month. Liam's not 18 just yet.

I've only reported for jury duty once (in Missouri), and they got all the jurors they needed before they even got to the point sticking me in a group to be considered. I got summoned two or three times in a period of six months back in 1991 -- while I was out of the country for Desert Storm.

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