Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thanks Again, LP National Convention Edition

Thanks to supporters BW and EH/SH, I have purchased my 2018 Libertarian National Convention package and booked my hotel room for all three nights of the convention (I may have to arrive a day earlier than that -- if so, I'll either change the hotel booking or look for a single night of crash space elsewhere).

In my fundraising plea, I specified that if I raised $169 I'd buy the basic package and if I raised $219 I'd buy the Bronze package. Since the donors mentioned above hooked me up with a combined $550, I went Bronze as promised (the difference is a couple of included meals; I hope they're worth $50 each!).

Because I am a cheapskate, I didn't just fork over for the convention hotel (the Hyatt Regency New Orleans). I visited Trivago (not a referral link) and looked for good deals nearby. I know the LP gets a group rate by selling a minimum number of rooms, and I do like convenience, so I wasn't going to go somewhere else to save ten bucks. But ...

I saved about $100 by taking a room only 0.3 miles from the convention venue (and, if I'm not mistaken, closer to the French Quarter and places Tamara might want to visit while I'm conventioneering) at the Wyndham Garden Baronne Plaza. That's a ten-minute walk and I don't expect to do a bunch of running back and forth. I'm more than willing to walk for ten minutes, two or four times a day for three days, to save $100. Especially since, given the size of some of these convention venues, I might well have been walking that far if I'd stayed at the Hyatt, and doubly especially since I should be exercising at every opportunity.

OK, so Trivago wasn't a referral link, but here's one: If you join as my referral, then the first time you book a room and stay there, you get $25 and so do I. Think about it.

So, as of now, all that remains to look into is travel. I'm not sure who's going yet (me, of course, hopefully Tamara, possibly one or more kid), but I'm going to start checking out planes, trains, buses, automobiles, etc. and getting that plan together. As in all things, I'm easy. I rode in a van with a bazillion other people 14 hours each way to the 2008 convention in Denver. If it's just me, I'll probably go in with some Florida caravan or grab a bus ride.

THANK YOU for the help. I look forward to working for you as a national convention delegate.

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