Saturday, November 04, 2017

Garrison Bleg

The mission of The William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism is to get libertarian op-eds published in mainstream newspapers and non-libertarian political publications.

That happened 545 times in 2015. In 2016, I set a goal of 750 such pickups and ended up with 913. This year, I set a goal of 1,000 pickups and things are looking pretty good (844 for the year, 82 in October, that I know of  -- based on experience, I expect to find more when I spend a whole day at the end of the year going back and aggressively Googling).

You can help keep things building, and all it will cost you is a few minutes of your time.

Your town probably has one or more newspapers.

Your town's newspapers probably don't carry the Garrison Center's op-eds.

But if you ask, they might.

There's a good chance that I'm already sending those op-eds to your local paper and that they're just ignored and thrown in the trash folder. If so, a word from you might cause the editor to take a closer look.

And it's always possible that I'm not hitting your paper's inbox. I submit (three times a week) to about 1,500 newspapers in the US and, when appropriate, another thousand or so abroad, but I may have missed yours, or removed it from my mailings because the emails bounce and I can't find a good address, or because they've asked me to stop bothering them.

If you have a moment sometime soon, why not jot off a note to your local paper telling them you'd like to see my columns? Or, if you actually personally know someone who works for the paper, chat him or her up about it? That's thegarrisoncenter dot org on the web, media at the by email.

Big daily papers or small town weekly papers or anything in between. I'm not picky. Thanks in advance.

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