Thursday, November 23, 2017

LP National Convention -- Super Early Bird Fundraiser

Yes, I intend to be at the Libertarian Party's 2018 national convention in New Orleans, come hell or high water. In what style I attend vis a vis "delegate package," accommodations, etc., will depend largely on whether or not people who want me to be there are willing to help out with the expenses.

Why would you want to do that? Well, I'm an alternate on the party's platform committee, which means I'm going to need to get there early to work for you if you are a party member. I'm also a pretty reliable vote for the radical position on issues that come to the floor -- platform, bylaws, elections of LNC members, etc.

Keep that in mind: All of the delegates will be working for you if you are a member of the party.

People tend to think of national conventions as a big party at which presidential candidates are nominated, but there's a lot more to it than that. The national convention delegates choose your LNC chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer and at-large representatives. The national convention delegates amend your bylaws and your platform. They spend hours sitting in meetings that can get pretty boring. It's work. And for the privilege of working for you, they fork over not just for a convention package (optional, but very helpful, and as long as there's no floor fee for delegates who choose not to buy one, I do always try to buy one), but for air fare or bus fare or gas, for a hotel (expensive if they stay at the convention hotel, tedious if they have to commute from a cheaper one), for meals out when they otherwise would have been eating cheaply at home, etc.

Like I said, I'll get there one way or another. The question is whether or not I'll get to participate in events beyond the business meetings (that's what the "packages" get you), whether I'll be sharing a room with my family or a couple of other delegates versus crashing on the floor of a room shared by 20 people, whether I'll have a hot meal or two a day or keep a cooler full of cold cuts and a loaf of bread to save money, etc. I don't mind going budget, but since I'll be working for you I don't see anything wrong with asking if you'd like to help with the expenses.

Here's my first nut: The "Super Early Bird" prices on convention packages end on November 30. I can get the basic package for $119 now. I'd pay $169 at the door. Alternatively, the "Bronze" package -- everything in the "Basic" package plus an opening reception and a breakfast -- runs $219 now and $279 at the door.

I'm good with the basic package. If anyone wants me to save me the cost of extra meals (hors d'oeuvres at the opening reception and that breakfast), well, I'm not sure they're worth $50 a meal because I sure as hell won't spend that much if I'm buying, but I'll take it.

I do NOT want any of the higher packages, because I simply wouldn't take advantage of their benefits. I'm always too busy at conventions to attend a bunch of lunches/banquets with guest speakers.

If you're interested in helping out with the convention package cost, PayPal is easiest but Bitcoin will work. They're both available over in the sidebar. Just send me a note letting me know that's what the money is for. If I raise $119 before November 30, I'll get the basic package bought. If I raise $219, the "Bronze" package. If I hit $219 before November 30, I'll update this post to yell STOP. Thanks in advance, and I hope to see YOU in New Orleans as well!

Update: Thanks to BW for a $50 donation -- $69 to go! (as of 8:30am Saturday morning).

Update, 11/29: Stop! And thanks to EH for a second donation that gets me into the "Bronze" package with quite a bit left over to start making travel/hotel plans!

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