Sunday, November 05, 2017 is Now

After I went to all that trouble making a link graphic, they changed their name. That's OK, though. It's not like the link graphic was that great. Got a new one, over in the sidebar.

It still works the same way. For the princely sum of $1, you can contact me and get a response. Of course, I'm promoting this as a way to participate in the Thanks For Asking! feature of The KN@PP Stir Podcast that supports said podcast financially, so you should let me know whether you want a public answer for that forum, or a private answer to whatever it is your contacting me about.

You should also join yourself (no, that's not an affiliate link, just a recommendation) and monetize your expertise in various areas (you can join lists of e.g. Bitcoin buyers, college students, whatever so that people targeting certain demographics for surveys, proposals and such can hit a bunch of people up in one fell swoop). The pay comes in Bitcoin, and yes I have in fact withdrawn my earnings (amounting to a little over $20 in USD total as of the time of each withdrawal, although of course the Bitcoin they represent has varied in value since withdrawal).

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