Thursday, January 05, 2017

My Current Stack

Decided to count up how many pills, etc. I'm taking every day, so I figured I'd share. I've heard that's a thing.


Metformin 1000mg x 2 (for diabetes)
Gabapentin 300mg x 3 (for neuropathic pain)
Atvorstatin 10mg x 1 (for cholesterol/triglycerides)
Amlodipine 5mg x 1 (for blood pressure)
Lisinopril 20mg x 1 (for blood pressure)
Bupropion 150mg x2 (ineffectual smoking cessation aid)
Aspirin 81mg x 1


Multivitamin (Centrum Silver or equivalent) x 1
Fish oil 1000mg x3 (or similar omega fatty acid supplement)
Magnesium 400mg x 1 (oxide, aspartate and citrate, powder dissolved in water)
Vitamin C 500mg x 2
Garlic 1000mg x 3
Ginkgo Biloba 120mg x1
Gymnema Sylvestre 400mg x 6
Vinpocetine 10mg x 3

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