Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Libertarians should love Trump -- he's carrying out their foreign policy"

Yes, someone I don't care to name actually tweeted that.

I'm trying to think of a way someone else could top it to pull ahead and win the "Dumbest Thing Tom Knapp has read/saw/heard this week" award, but I'm drawing a blank.

Heck, it just may stand for the next 49 weeks or so to garner "Dumbest Thing Tom Knapp read/saw/heard in 2017" award. Which is really saying something considering that I'm going to have 11 months and change of President dear God of the United holy cow States Trump to draw on for competition purposes.

Trump hasn't "carried out" anything yet. He doesn't even get inaugurated until Friday.

And based on his public statements and transition actions, e.g. announcing appointees to be confirmed by the Senate after the inauguration, what he intends to carry out is the exact opposite of libertarianism in every area of policy, especially foreign policy.

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