Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I Want to Ride My Bicycle ...

In a "Thanks For Asking!" exchange a couple of months ago, I wrote:

I haven't been riding much lately because I'm torn between putting money into getting the Trek back up to snuff or buying a sub-$100 single-speed -- the kind that has a flip-flop hub so that it can be a "fixie" or just a regular single-speed. I'm leaning toward the latter course. It would cost quite a bit less than doing the things the Trek really needs, and I suspect I could get $50 for the Trek just for its frame.

After several months of walking (and occasionally running a little) for my daily exercise, I've finally gone with that latter course. On the way:

New, on sale, for about $80. Things my beloved Trek 7000 need to get back in shape would cost far more than that. It could use new tires, the brakes are about shot, a full tuneup including getting the wheels trued (that alone would run $50-$75 on sale, and at the last tuneup the mechanic showed me some things that would eventually need, and probably now need, attention).

When the thing arrives, one of two things will happen based on how I like it:

  1. I'll ride it -- probably every day in lieu of walking; or
  2. I'll cannibalize it to get the Trek back up and running as a daily exercise bike.

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