Thursday, September 29, 2016

Trump, Totally a Teetotaler?

Camera 1:

I've never had a glass of alcohol. I won't even drink a cup of coffee. -- Donald Trump in an interview with Esquire magazine, 06/17/16

Camera 2:

The Versailles spokesperson confirmed that the presidential hopeful ordered a colada and a croqueta and then commented on how strong the colada was and that the croqueta was "good." -- "Donald Trump Visits Versailles With Rudy Giuliani, Thinks Coladas Are Strong," Miami New Times, 09/28/16 (the Versailles menu lists two kinds of colada, both alcoholic)

Not that I care whether or not he drinks. But it seems like his claim that he doesn't (in fact, never has) might be as questionable as any number of other statements he's made.

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