Saturday, July 02, 2016

Why Does Kathy Gilroy Hate the Victims of the Orlando Nightclub Attack?

The story in brief: A suburban Chicago gun shop decided to raffle off an AR-15 rifle to raise money for the OneOrlando Fund, which is helping victims of Omar Mateen's attack on patrons of the Pulse nightclub. They shut down the raffle after "legal questions" were "raised." By which I mean:

Kathy Gilroy, an anti-gambling crusader from Villa Park, said she had complained to the McHenry Police Department about the gun raffle. She said she has gotten various local law enforcement agencies to shut down numerous raffles previously but that it's often an uphill battle.

"Who is enforcing these laws?" Gilroy asked. "No one."

So apparently she really doesn't hate the shooting victims per se. She just hates the idea of anyone being free to do anything without her approval.

In addition to Kathy "If You've Got Business, Expect My Nose To Be All Up In It" Gilroy, we have William "I Make My Living Representing Clients Who Want Permission To Do Stuff, So We Must Have Laws Requiring Permission To Do Stuff" Bogot:

William Bogot, an attorney who represents businesses that want to conduct raffles, said his clients will typically work with nonprofit groups to sponsor a legal raffle.

"It seems unclear to me how they could be doing a raffle," he said of the gun shop raffle before it was called off. "Even if it's a bona fide raffle, they still can't do that. ... If this happens, every bar and restaurant could have a mini-casino."

Heaven forbid bars and restaurants be left alone to conduct their businesses as they please without first forking over to William Bogot for help greasing the right palms getting the relevant permits, licenses, stamps, letters of approval, etc.


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