Sunday, July 10, 2016

The KN@PP Stir Podcast, episode 86: Happy weekend before Bastille Day!

This episode of the KN@PP Stir Podcast is brought to you by Darryl W. Perry:

In this episode:

  • Thanks For Asking! (Fergie, Me, and Jill Stein -- it's not what it looks like!);
  • Hey, I watched Trumbo.
There's additional Thanks For Asking content at Thursday's post/comment thread.

Side note: I mention the Chromecast along the way in this episode. Now that it works with my router (at one time it didn't), it's a fine piece of equipment. You might want to look into getting one if streaming media from your computer or phone to your TV strikes you as a solution to this or that home entertainment problem. Amazon doesn't carry it (they've been promoting their own similar product instead), but I know it's available from Best Buy and I'm pretty sure even Wal-Mart.

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