Thursday, November 12, 2015


No injuries, but the car is toast. There probably would have been injuries if the car wasn't a 1989 Volvo, built like a brick sh*thouse. Tamara took a turn down an unfamiliar street at night and ... um, discovered ... a median of some sort that apparently wasn't very visible (I wasn't there, but I know her to be a careful driver and there was no alcohol or anything involved).

Screwed up the frame near the front end, broke at least one motor mount, crushed the suspension up into the oil pan, etc. We paid $1,350 for the car nine months ago. It would certainly cost more than that to repair it even assuming only the immediately visible damage, and there was no point in keeping full coverage with a $500 deductible on something that cheap. But now we're gonna have to go find another ride. So if you've been eyeballing that "support" area in the right sidebar, now would be a great time to go for it. Just sayin' ...

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