Friday, November 27, 2015

Now Actually Working: Moar KN@PPSTER

Awhile back, I joined I really love the service, the price is right ($5/month for all the benefits, including the ability to maintain two blogs), I publish the daily edition of Rational Review News Digest there every morning, and I had intended to port each post here at KN@PPSTER over to a KN@PPSTER @ blog.

Had intended means that my plan was, every time I posted here, I'd just manually copy/paste the content over there. I'd was a concept operating on the tenuous assumption that I would remember to do so. And I very seldom did.


Turns out there's an "autoblog" feature that lets me have KN@PPSTER @ check the RSS feed for KN@PPSTER proper every hour and import any new posts. So that's set up and hopefully you'll be able to read everything that appears here, there within an hour and without me having to remember to. Enjoy, if you want to read it there instead of here.

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