Thursday, November 05, 2015

Things I Used Bitcoin For Today

I got a nice Bitcoin donation the other day.

When it comes to Bitcoin, I'm about half and half, split between "customer" (who wants to USE the stuff in commerce, because duh, that's what it's for) and "speculator" (when I buy, as opposed to receiving as a donation, I do so when it's a low point versus the US dollar; I spend it when it's high). Today was a pretty happy medium; Bitcoin was doing pretty well in terms of USD exchange, and there were some things I wanted that I could spend it on. So I did:

  • I purchased my 2016 Libertarian National Convention package. Thanks to the LNC's director of Operations, Robert Kraus, for explaining to me how to get that done (there isn't a Bitcoin option on the convention package ordering page, but you can make a Bitcoin donation in the appropriate amount, put the name of the package you are ordering in the "employer" blank on the form, and then LPHQ staff will know that's what the money is for).
  • I tested Purse, an online service that lets you order stuff from Amazon at a discount. Yes, that link IS an affiliate link -- if you join through it, you get 10 mBTC to spend and if you spend more than $50 worth of Bitcoin through Purse I get 10 mBTC as well. But since the stuff I ordered (a harmonica holder and a guitar gig bag) hasn't actually arrived yet, don't consider this an endorsement.
  • I donated Bitcoin to Darryl W. Perry's campaign for the Libertarian Party's 2016 presidential nomination.
  • I donated Bitcoin to

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