Friday, November 13, 2015

Quote of the Week

Quoth Kevin Carson:

When "libertarians" start talking in terms of Volk and Kulture over individual autonomy and agency, and preaching discipline as the cure for "cultural disintegration" and decadence, you can be pretty sure that the word "freedom" in their propaganda is as devoid of substance as "Freiheit" was in that of the Nazis. The Paleos are a cancer on any movement that genuinely respects human liberty and dignity.

That's the tail end two sentences of a long piece, the entirety of which deserves a careful read: "How Low Can Lew Rockwell Go?"

There's actually a question pertaining to "the paleo strategy" in this week's Thanks For Asking! thread. I haven't answered that question yet. It's somewhat different from, but definitely related to, the question in Kevin's article title.

My answer to Kevin's question is "as low as he has to go to continue dragging in money from a market niche he considers under-served due to the fact that decent human beings find that niche too sickening to serve."

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