Monday, October 19, 2015

The Case of the Missing Podcast/Thanks For Asking! -- 10/19/15

Well, I hadn't planned on not podcasting last night. I had intended to go ahead and put an episode together, even though I had also forgotten to put up the weekly "Thanks For Asking!" thread. Both of those things, had they happened, WOULD have been brought to you by Darryl W Perry:

But my voice was in no shape to croak more than a few words, and I was feeling so bleh that I just wandered off and went to sleep without remembering to post an explanation. Common cold is my guess, since I attended a large event with lots of people milling around on Saturday.

Maybe there'll be a midweek episode. Never had done that before. Or maybe it will just be next Sunday. Either way, let's go ahead with this week's AMA. The rules:

  • Ask me anything -- anything -- in the comments thread below this post.
  • I'll answer in the comments thread, on the podcast, or both.

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